Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go

Change is one of hardest things we, as humans, struggle with. It's hard to adapt to a new environment, a new person in our lives, a change in behavior, etc... Another hard thing to do is Forgive, let go, and release someone or something from our lives that we've held onto for a long time. One thing I've learned through my interactions with people is that, when I live in a state of unforgiveness, I'm really punishing myself; and ultimately, when we live in a state of unforgiveness, we're linking ourselves to something that makes us unhappy and waiting for that person or situation to change so that they can ultimately give us what we want/need. It links us to a state of bitterness and resentment and keeps us stuck in a TOXIC mindset. It's like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. It's expecting something from someone that they either can't give us or don't want to give us. It's handing over power to a person or situation that we can't control and in the process we become a slave to our bitter minds. We can only experience true freedom when we release this demand; when we take that thing or list of things that we believe someone owes us, and cancel out that debt. When we change from a state of bitterness and unforgiveness into a state of gratitude and forgiveness, we will feel loss for that person or thing, but will experience inner peace. We will experience an emotional release, a state of autonomy and a state of weightlessness 🕊 It's an extremely difficult thing to do,(and I'm one of the worst offenders)especially after we find ourselves living in this state of resentment, anger and bitterness and become attached to those feelings. It will be uncomfortable at first, but in the process of letting go we will experience true freedom 💓 Are you struggling to forgive someone in your life? Do you struggle with bitterness, anger, resentment over a situation in your life... or have a sense of false hope? Share your story, share your thoughts, share your struggles in the comments below 👇

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