The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

There is no limit to the creativity that God has given to us as humans, and the reality that where there is a problem, there lies a solution within our reach. The human body is capable of so many things, some of which may seem downright impossible; however, with such strength comes great pain that we must endure. But do we really? Throughout history, physicians from both the east and west have come up with so many different types of therapy to help with pain, provide healing and find a solution to our mental and physical ailments. Today I will briefly cover the eastern practice of Cupping Therapy. It's benefits and how it is practiced. Cupping Therapy has been used in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures for thousands of years, before making its way to America. The Chinese used cattle horns and bamboo cups to practice Cupping Therapy and Egyptians used this method of therapy as early as 1,550 B.C. to treat conditions such as fever, pain, vertigo, menstruation imbalances, weakened appetite and to heal from disease. Cupping Therapy works by placing suction cups onto a person’s back, shoulders, or the back of their neck. These suction cups are made from glass, plastic, clay or bamboo. and can be applied onto your skin either wet or dry. In some cases, a flame is used, so that it burns off the air inside the cup and, as the air cools, a vacuum is created inside the cup. Cupping is an inverse method from that of massage therapy, where the muscles are pulled upward rather than putting direct pressure on them. Dry cupping is a noninvasive technique that uses suction to increase blood circulation, while wet cupping is a technique in which the skin is pierced and a small amount of blood is allowed to flow into the cup.

Wet Cupping may sound strange, like something out of a how-to book on human sacrifice, but people claim that the benefits are real, as it removes harmful toxins from the body. Similar to wet cupping is a method called Needle Cupping, where a suction cup is placed over an acupuncture needle after it is inserted. Combining massage therapy and cupping, therapists use a technique called Gliding Cupping, where the cups are moved across the skin, providing a massage like treatment. Cupping is definitely a specialized method of therapy that is used for chronic pain in patients and requires professional training. Have you ever tried Cupping Therapy? Share your story and thoughts in the comments below! For more information on this unique form of therapy you can visit

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