Triangle: A Look Inside

Triangle was written by local Author Bianca Smith and tells the story of a young woman and college professor, Danny Hall, and her journey of self-discovery. It was a day like any other, when Danny receives a call from a psychiatric hospital about her husband being admitted for attempted suicide. In one phone call her entire world is turned upside-down; but little does she know that this is just the beginning of her struggles. While seeking help for her husband, she discovers more about herself and her true identity. Triangle takes you on a journey through the mind of the protagonist as she struggles to find her true identity, while delving into the practice of Yoga and how it can heal you, bring you peace, and help you to listen to your inner voice. Triangle takes place in Olympia Washington, and weaves LGBTQ issues and awareness into the storyline. It was fun to read a local book by a local Author and for anyone struggling to find their own identity this is a must read! If you want to contact Bianca you can find her website at: What are you reading this Summer? If you are a local Author who wants to be featured in my blog or have ideas for books you want reviewed please contact me at 360-470-0758

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