Welcome to my blog! I wanted to create an outlet where visitors can come and talk openly about things that matter. As the world seems to be crumbling around us we can't lose sight of who we are and how we can be there for each other. Now is the time to focus on our similarities rather than our differences. I want visitors to come here and feel comfortable and safe expressing themselves and opening up about meaningful topics and engage in conversations that help unburden and encourage. Topics will range from wellness and lifestyle, how we are all adjusting and handling stress and struggle, how our lives are impacted by what's happening in the world on a personal level as well as life tips. I won't be going into politics and hateful speech of any kind is strictly prohibited. This is a place to find healing and connect with people who are going through similar trials and struggles. I invite participants to offer up a weekly topic that interests them and which we can dig deeper into! I will also offer up a question at the end of each blog post which visitors can comment on. Welcome again and I look forward to having meaningful conversations with all of you!

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