What Awkward, Embarrassing, or Scary Reasons Were You Sent to the Hospital?

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to talk about the different reasons we've gone to the hospital. It's been quite a few years since I was taken to the emergency room, I believe the last time was seven years ago when I broke my wrist while working at the mall. It was my first job since moving back to Washington State, after attending college on the East coast. I had only been working a few weeks on the job when I slipped in the back kitchen area and fell hard on the tile floor, using my hand to break my fall. A shot of pain ran through my hand and up my arm, but I quickly got up and tried to continue closing up. My manager wasn't phased at all and seemed kind of annoyed that I was being a bother... I walked to the back room and called my brother to take me to the hospital. Looking back, it was actually a really great night, because it was the first time in many years that I was able to have a genuine conversation with my brother. I haven't really been able to talk deeply with any of my siblings since then, so I look back on that night with fond memories. It turns out that my wrist was just a hairline fracture, so it healed up pretty quickly and I got a beautiful purple cast out of the deal! There was another time when I was about seven years old and playing around in my Grandparents attic. I don't know how I ended up in the attic exactly, but I do remember my cousin tagging along until the moment when she showed me the door to the attic and locked me inside! It was pitch black and as I fumbled through the dark I fell through one of the rafters and onto the cement floor of the garage. I remember everyone standing around me, shining a flashlight in my eyes and feeling my tailbone to be sure it wasn't broken. I remember my head and tailbone hurting really bad, but nothing significantly damaged, except my pride that is... An ambulance quickly came to the house and took me to St. Peters Hospital where a nurse gave me a teddy bear and balloons 😇 What awkward, scary or embarrassing reasons were you sent to the hospital? Share your story in the comments below!

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