What Do You Miss the Most About Summer?

Hi Everyone! It's officially the beginning of Fall and time to reflect on the good times we had over the Summer months. Personally, I had a pretty uneventful Summer... Aside from my trip to Missouri, having my second book published and starting my blog, it was a pretty sad, depressing and lonely few months. I typically like to go hiking, enjoy getting pedicures and drinking margaritas with friends and going new places. I didn't do any of those things this Summer, mostly because I was busy working on my book and because most people were in quarantine. Thank god for family, the beautiful Northwest waterfront and hiking trails to bring a sense of peace to my mind. In times of depression and sadness I like to think of this: Be grateful you had something in your life that was beautiful enough to lose. It helps me put things into perspective.

What do you miss the most about Summer as it once was? What were you unable to do this year that you typically do? Are you glad summer is over or are you sad to see it go? Share your thoughts, feelings, story about what you miss the most about Summer! Share in the comments below 👇

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