What is Your Life's Blueprint?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Happy Mindful Monday everyone! Let's take some time to self-reflect and ask ourselves: What belief system have I developed from an early age that is not necessarily true, but which I've been following into my adult life? What actions in my life reflect a belief that is no longer relevant or helpful in my life?

Our beliefs and especially what we believe about ourselves and what we're capable of becomes a reality in our life. If I believe I am stupid, ugly or incapable of great things, I will make that belief a reality. If I see myself a victim of my circumstances, and it's breeding negativity and failure in my life, I need to change the way I view myself and my circumstances. Along with a belief system that negatively affects us or which is no longer relevant, comes a filter that keeps us from accepting things that don't support our belief system. This keeps us in a continual distorted loop where we are unable to grow or change. What belief have you automatically/blindly followed in your life and why? Is their a certain belief about yourself, or life in general, that has positively affected you and which you will continue to keep? Share your thoughts and beliefs in the comments below!

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