What's Your Dream Job?

The hardest part about doing what you love is figuring out what the heck that is in the first place. There's a rare breed of people who have it all figured out from the moment they enter this world, but most of us have to learn through trial and error. I think this new job at the Post Office was the tipping point that helped me understand what I need to be doing. I woke up this morning in a world of hurt and thought to myself, I could really use a full body massage! Which made me think... I could help people who are experiencing the same kind of pain. People are in pain everywhere; whether its because they work manual labor jobs, sit at a desk all day, are injured from overexercise... the reasons are endless. When I was in high school I went to school to become a Hairstylist, but I was always drawn to the Esthetician side of things. I would volunteer to take any facial or nail appointments that came through the door. I loved the relaxing atmosphere that came with the spa life, and I think subconsciously, I would do these things because I knew If I made a mistake it was an easy fix. I would get $20 tips just for a 20 minute facial and customers would tell me that my facials were better than the ones they received on a cruise ship. Looking back, I wish I would have pursued this career years ago, but its never to late to invest in yourself. So, I've decided to enroll in massage school so I can start helping people overcome pain and anxiety. It took me awhile to reach a decision about this, but now I know that it's a right fit for me. What dream job awaits you? What would you do if you could start over? Share your story in the comments below!

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