What special scent takes you to your happy place?

We all have that one scent that sparks a special memory in our brain and sometimes completely stops us in our tracks. It could happen in an instant; while walking by a candle store in the mall, taking a brisk walk on a fall day, when a stranger walks into work wearing a special scent... It could be something general, like the smell of cut grass or the smell of Tabaco, or it could be something super specific like a special blend of handcrafted soap your Aunt made that one year or a blend of potpourri that was in your Grandmas house and has since been discontinued. Whatever it is, the smell can transcend reality and take you back to that place in time when you felt the most happy. Smells can also produce not-so-pleasant memories. I was recently given a special DoTERRA hand lotion called Citrus Bliss and every time I smell it, I take in the scent of sweet Satsuma oranges and this immediately takes me back to Christmas during my childhood. Not only does it help moisturize my skin, but it takes me back to a happy place filled with joy and love. By sharing your nostalgic scent I can put together a massage oil specific to you and your happy place. What better way to enjoy a massage than taking a trip down memory lane 🤗 Share your special scent in the comments below and what memory it brings to mind? If you also crave the scent of sweet satsumas, check out the link below! DoTERRA Spa Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion

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