When Dawn Breaks...

Happy Weekend Everyone :) Hope you are all enjoying the nice weather we've been having! I wanted to share with you some small wins I've had the past couple weeks. I know its easy to get lost in the everyday mundane tasks of life, but I want to challenge you today to take a step back, take a breath and really notice the progress you've made in your life. We are all facing challenges and we all have areas that we excel in and areas we could grow and become better. I want you to remember today as being impactful and look at today as a brand new fresh start, full of hope for a promising future. I've had my share of melancholic days and sometimes I wake up feeling lost or unsure; but I remind myself of everything I've accomplished just in the past couple weeks alone. I passed the State Emblex Exam and I finally became official as a Licensed Massage Therapist(the moment of truth in my year long journey), I had an interview at a Spa that went really well and was able to set up a second interview, I received a raise at work, was given a celebratory potluck from my lovely coworkers, was given a special gift from another coworker and am just blown away by the amazing support and love I've received from everyone around me. I am so grateful for all of you and for the many blessings I've been given in my life. I used to be so focused on the negative and the things I didn't have... but once I started noticing my blessings and the things I do have, an entire world of possibilities opened up to me. It's true that what we focus on expands and when we give positive energy into the world and to others then the Universe often gives back to us. So take today... Go some place new. Sometimes changing the scenery will help you, not only open your eyes to new things, but open your mind to new opportunities <3 Have a fantastic day!

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