Worst Job Experiences

Whether you work in an office or in customer service, there's always going to be that ONE coworker who drives you crazy, that micromanager who follows you around twirling their keys with an air of authority, and that one task that you put off until the end of the day because you hate it that much. These experiences may be the reason people will be choosing to continue to work from home even after the pandemic sorts itself out. I'm no stranger to the world of customer service and blue collar work, but there were certain jobs that were in a category all their own. Some years back, while in a rush to secure a job I found a position working for Five Guys just as it was opening a new location in Olympia. I would soon regret my decision when I met my coworkers. The managers weren't much better! My coworkers were dishonest and stole from each other; the assistant manager would stand behind me, screaming in my ear because I was washing dishes the wrong way and throw things at me; and the general manager would steal money from the till, along with our tips. I left after about a month and started applying for jobs working for the State. This was probably the worst job I've ever had, but the sad thing is that so many people have it far worse 😢 This experience is just one of the reasons I would choose to be unemployed for a month or two rather than jump into a terrible situation where I'm surrounded by people who abuse each other. Do you have a terrible job experience? Share your story below!

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