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Updated: Apr 3

Sometimes we can actually find a fortune or horoscope that is spot on! One that we have to read a few times over just to be sure that it's real. If you came upon one of these gems what would it say about you? The problem with most horoscopes and fortunes is that they are purposely vague so that we can interpret them in a way that matches how we feel, and we can inject the message to fit what's going on in our life at that moment. What would your horoscope say about you today versus the past and if you could write your own, what would it say about you? I've been taking a deep dive into my habits, patterns and why I do the things I do. I realized that I may be a highly sensitive person(HSP), have trust issues, and problems relaxing around people and in social situations. Back in high school I was barely noticed, or if I was, it was usually because someone noticed something negative about me. I was perceived as ugly, stupid or strange. People didn't know my name, but just knew who I was related to. Because of this, and other things, sometimes I cringe when I think about my name and how lame it sounds and what it might possibly mean to those around me. I never had a best friend in high school, so forming a deep connection with someone is hard for me, though its been done a few times in my life as I've become better at letting go of that inner dialogue that says 'I'm not enough.' I have to add that, who I am today is probably the most comfortable I've been with just being me and being honest with myself about who I am. If I don't let certain people into my world, its because I'm going into survival mode; because I trust myself more than I trust them and because I know that I'm the only one responsible for myself and ensuring that I'm Ok. When I overthink things it means I don't even trust myself and I need the time to convince myself that I can be trusted. I realize to, that when I overthink things, I'm reflecting on mistakes I've made in the past and trying my best to avoid making the same mistakes. So what is perceived as 'indecision' is actually my inner dialogue trying to save myself from potential self-destruction; other times, however, it's just plain indecision, like when it takes me 30 minutes to order in a restaurant. Nobody's perfect... Here's your challenge for today: Write your own horoscope! You can be as personal as you want as long as you're honest. The world tells us to put on a mask on a daily basis; not a face mask, but the invisible mask that we are told to wear so that we'll be accepted by others or fit in with the majority. Step out of your mask and share something authentic about yourself. Share in the comments below 😇

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